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The MAGIC ROADSHOW, magic’s largest free newsletter, announced a new issue has just published online. The Magic Roadshow is our sister publication.. so we take a REAL interest in making sure everyone has a chance to read this acclaimed publication. It’s not simply a newsletter these days.. the latest issue is over 23 pages long. (We publish a PDF version, available on the site) . The latest issue contains:

Table of Contents

– Month of the Joker…
– The Joker Spelling Routine – effect
– You Can’t Do As I Do – effect
– The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks –  Free PDF Download
– Ricky Jay and the New Yorker..  an article revisted
– Ricky Jay and his 52 Assistants –  complete video
– Turning Tricks on the Street for Fun and Profit – Blog
– How To Tear And Restore Items!
– 10 YouTube Videos That Prove Science Is Magic
– Magic Trick Shirts and Other Magic Stuff..
– The Real Secrets of Card  Magic.. Jay Sankey
– Lives of the Conjurers – Free eBook
– Liquid Scarf by Jessica – Video
– Stand – Art Zone Productions
– VANISH  –  Latest issue is ready
– Substitute for Keepvid…
– Everything Illusions..  resource
– Six Ways to Escape from Handcuffs, Zip Ties & Duct Tape!
– Free eBooks For Subscribers….

Plus a bonus or two.. You can read this issue at:


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A Mystifying Night With Illusionist Ivan Amodei At The Beverly Wilshire Hotel..

image  While there is no making people disappear or sawing of an assistant in half, illusionist Ivan Amodei’s show “Intimate Illusions” at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel does offer a lot of mind-boggling acts.

His show weaves his own original illusions while combining a unique “magical” experience that’s humorous, but also dazzles with a live cellist in an elegant candle-lit atmosphere.

Amodei said he set out to create a different type of illusion show.

“I talk about inspirational things like facing your fears, overcoming obstacles, and what are the most important things in your life,” Amodei said. “I talk about finding your destiny. It’s a really unique show because people walk away with more than ‘He fooled us.’ ( article by Brenton Garen for WestsideToday.com )

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