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A New Magic Roadshow and a Milestone..

We’re happy to announce the publication of a new Magic Roadshow. This is our anniversary issue, as we published the first Roadshow Ten Years ago yesterday. I am providing a link for anyone, subscriber or not, to read this issue and/or download it as a PDF.. readable in your Kindle. Go ahead and visit the homepage and sign up to receive a notification, or sign up with the link in the nav bar of this page, and you will be notified via email as soon as a new issue publishes online. We never spam you or share your email.. guaranteed.

In this issue:


  • FOUR WAY COINCIDENCE – An Impromptu Miracle
  • The Prediction of a Random Number – tutorial
  • Build Your Magic Show – Serious Training
  • David Regal, Marlo, Lorayne.. and more. – Article and Effects
  • TED Talks About Magic – videos
  • Time to Be Awesome – interviews
  • 89 Podcast with Comedians.. Listen or Download to iphone or mp3 players..
  • Practical Mental Magic – Theodore Annemann – PDF
  • Annemann’s Miracles of Card Magic – PDF
  • Free magic – Coin vanish and production – Coinish – video tutorial
  • Blanks – Aces to Blanks – video tutorial
  • Slip Force Cut – video tutorial
  • Jay Sankey’s Link’d – video tutorial
  • How Many Cards Are In A Random Stack? Now You Know – Tutorial
  • How To Advertise on Facebook for Magicians and Entertainers.. – podcast
  • Google Adwords Made Easy For Magicians with Josh London – tutorial
  • How to Approach a Restaurant to Get Work – video tutorials
  • How to Improve Your Backroom Sales with Michael Finney – video tutorial
  • VANISH – International Magic Magazine presents EDITION 14
  • 10 Really Big Mis-calculations – resource
  • @HumorHive – for Twitter Users
  • Free Ebooks for Subscribers



The Magic Roadshow Journal of Magic…

  The Magic Roadshow, the unabashed #1 newsletter in all of magic, has published a new issue online. At 28 pages, this might be our largest issue ever. Although over 7000 subscribers have signed up to receive the Roadshow, I generally publish the link here and in another location or so, to allow those who are NOT subscribers the opportunity to read it, print it, or save it as a pdf and see what you think of it. Hopefully, you’ll want to add your name to our list and receive advance notification each month when a new issue goes live. The Table of Content for this issue is: 

– A Useful Number Trick Revisited – Card Effect
– Speaking of Short Cards – Another Effect
– Super Easy Mentalism Effect That’s Actually a Mathematical Principle
– A Very Special Request..
– Easy & Not So Easy Card Tricks – video tutorials
– Card Magic Minute 17 – The Invisible Pass
– Free 90 Minute Video..
– Machine Color Changing Deck: Instant Reset
– How to Conceal Cards – Five Counts – Disguising Cards
– Bottom Deal by Xavier Perret – Tutorial
– Magic Proposal Card Trick – Video Tutorial
– The Easiest Card Trick Ever – Video Tutorial
– In The Hands Riffle Card Shuffle Tutorial – Video Tutorial
– Coin Trick Zone – Coin Magic Tutorials
– James Randi – Secrets of the Psychics Documentary (Full)
– James Randi: Scientists Fooled by a Match Box Trick
– Kris Sheppard’s PerformerCast – Interviews
– Triple Impact – Three New Effects in One Ebook
– Google Helpouts.. A Great Tool for Magicians ??
– Creative Method to Limit Cell Phone Use During Performance..
– Thousands Have Shot Good Looking Video With a Smart Phone – Why Not You?
– The Business of Magic To Market – Podcast
– One Task and Three Questions for Smart Magicians..
– Another Kind of Magic – Mna Na Heireann (video)
– Jab Jab Jab Right Hook – A free Chapter
– Free eBooks For Subscribers….