4K Color Vision Box – by Magic Firm – A Review

4K Color Vision Box – by Magic Firm – A Review

4K Color Vision Box – by Magic Firm – A Review
Gimmicks and Online Instructions included..

This is the Ad Copy:

“There is a reason a trick is considered a classic because it fools people and often easy for all levels of performers to do. I believe Brent’s updated version will become the classic with the new additions and it will fool the heck out of any audience – even those who know the original version. The final phases are really foolers and his little tips on handling help elevate this to a much higher level.” -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

The ball & vase. The silk vanish. The penetration frame. All classics, all simple, all found in magic kits around the world. These classics didn’t reach that status by having the most clever methods, they got there because properly performed they will fool the %#$# out of people.

With 4K Color Vision, Brent Braun takes a magic kit classic to new heights. Whether you’re performing for magicians or a lay audience, if your audience thinks they’ve seen this before, they’re about to have their world turned upside down.

This incredible update to the classic color vision box is a multi-phase jaw-dropper with a simple prop that you can perform anytime, anywhere.

A simple toy die with colored spots on each side is placed inside a box by the spectator and you can name the color every time! Each phase becomes more impossible, as you continue to divine the color out of the clear blue sky without touching the box! You can even name the color when the spectator has placed the die into the box behind their back and closed it without anyone watching!

And the best part… there are no electronics, batteries, remotes, bluetooth, WiFi, apps, stooges, mirrors, magnets, or other gadgets & gizmos. This is analog magic at its finest – pure, simple, and direct.
Includes custom-made props
Complete routine teaching by Brent Braun
No electronics
No pre show
No writing
No stooges

My Thoughts:

I truly appreciate simple magic. There is something so refreshing and, at the same time, magnetic about effects we grew up with.. and THINK we understand. We are attracted to them.

But.. what I truly LOVE is a novelty toy/trick that everyone think goes right.. but it takes a sharp left and leaves everyone in the dust. In basketball, they call it ‘getting faked out of your shoes’. In magic, they call it ‘getting bamboozled’. 4K Color Vision will bamboozle your spectator, particularly if he/she is a know-it-all magician, convinced they know what’s coming next.

4K Color Vision is a three-phase routine that can be stretched into four phases if you feel inclined. The first phase goes pretty much as everyone expects. The second phase begins to tighten the screws.. And the third phase locks ’em down.

The spectator is handed a small plastic box and lid.. along with a six sided die with a different color sticker on each side. The magician turns his back and the spectator places the die inside the box, caps it, and places it in the hands of the magician, which are behind his back. The magician turns around, brings the box to the forefront, and predicts the color showing on the top of the die… then opens the box to show he is correct. This is all classic handling.

The second phase basically repeats the first phase.. except the circumstances are tightened to eliminate some of the spectator’s suspicions.

Then.. the third phase eliminates the handling of the box by the magician.. as the spectator unwittingly performs all the necessary ‘magic’.. to the total surprise of everyone. This is NOT ‘classic’ handling, but original handling perfected by Brent and his associates in a magic shop setting where 4K was performed over and over until every nuance was perfected.

Although it may appear to be very similar to the original, 4K has been designed for the performer to perform moves not easily carried out in the original version. This is a big plus.. and after you watch the video, you’ll understand..

Brent Braun teaches you everything you need to know in a 30 minute video download. Also, everything you need to perform all three phase’s are included in the package. No DIY. The quality and sound are fine and what you would expect.

For twenty dollars, you’ll be hard pressed to find an effect with more fool-ability. It’s well worth the money, and I recommend it to all my friends and readers..

$20.00 .. From Murphy’s Magic and their Associates.


Review by Rick Carruth

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