A New MAGIC ROADSHOW Journal of Magic

A New MAGIC ROADSHOW Journal of Magic

Magic Roadshow #195
July 2018

Hello Friends

This is our mid-summer issue of the Magic Roadshow. It’s so hot outside, what else am I suppose to do? Maybe you’ll be inspired by my musings and want to turn the air up, kick back, and learn a little something magical. Those of you in Australia can turn the heat up and enjoy this issue too !

I wish I had a lot to write about.. but I don’t. I can’t think of any magic news I found particularly interesting.. and maybe that’s a good thing. My friends and I get together and discuss contestants on Penn and Teller’s FOOL US… and how we think they performed their magic. So far, I think I’ve been right 100% of the time, or not…..

I have a bunch of free stuff in this issue. I took some of my summertime to search Google for resources I could pass along to you guys and ladies. I always find a ton of items that are copyrighted.. but I’m not going that route. I try to make sure everything is either freely shared or.. in the public domain and quality material. That’s a difficult combination.. but I think we do as good a job as anyone filling that criteria for our friends and readers.

Questions or comments? Email me at: TheMagicRoadshow@gmail.com

Download this issue as a PDF file..

20 pages and 5564 words…


Easy Card Tricks – Free PDF by Rufus Steele
Another Ring On Wand – Effect from Paul Lelekis
The Timeless Project – A Review – by R.Carruth
Four King Miracle – Henri White – A Review by R.Carruth
Professor Numbers – aka Ray Blum Hospital Magician – Free eBook
The “52 Cycling Cards” Trick Using Modular Arithmetic – Yutaka Nishiyama
Si Stebbins Stacked Deck – Advanced Methods
Over 100 Card Tricks That You Can Do – Harry Maurer – Free PDF
Harry Houdini – The Legend of the World’s Greatest Escape Artist
Book More Shows! Ten Easy Actions you can do Right Now – Free eBook
Multiply Your Merchandising – Free eBook
MagicCoach Newsletter – Free Resource
Routine For Rascals – Complete Routine for Families and Children (Ad)
Free Music Archives – Free Music For Your Videos
In The Hand Riffle Shuffle – Detailed Tutorial
Easiest Card Trick Ever – Mismag822
India’s Street Magic Once Captivated the World – Article
Thomas Edison
Justin Johnson – Youtube Video
Important Stuff….

“There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment. Norman Vincent Peale

“Logic only gives man what he needs… Magic gives him what he wants.”
Tom Robbins

“One man’s ‘magic’ is another man’s engineering. ‘Supernatural’ is a null word.”
Robert A. Heinlein

“Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.”
Robert H. Schuller


Easy Card Tricks – Free PDF by Rufus Steele

“Tricks with a pack of cards afford one of the easiest and most interesting forms of entertainment in existence. They are amazing and mysterious to those who witness them, yet they are within the ability of everyone.

The idea that long practice and exceptional skill are necessary in the performance of card tricks is erroneous. Some of the cleverest and most bewildering tricks are made possible by the use of subtle principles and unique methods that are easily learned, yet which are capable of deceiving
the keenest and most intelligent spectator.

Such are the methods explained in this booklet. These tricks have been devised by experienced performers of card tricks—men who understand the psychology of deception and who know that a clever, well-developed principle can be used to create an amazing mystery.” (The URL in our PDF copy of this issue is incorrect.. Please use this one..)



Another Ring On Wand – Effect from Paul Lelekis

I’ve always loved this effect and have performed it many times. The old method can be a little unsettling to the performing magician, so I have created a new method that relies on old techniques.

I think that many will like this method because it is much easier to perform and, I believe, even stronger than the old method.

EFFECT: A ring is examined and placed within a hanky. The spectator holds the ring and hanky over a magic wand, held by two spectators. The hanky is whisked away and the ring is found spinning on the wand!

SET UP: A large opaque hanky or scarf has a duplicate ring, sewn into one of the corners. (Don’t worry about how this corner looks…it won’t be seen!) You also need a magic wand and a ring that is similar to the ring sewn within the hanky.

NOTE: I am against borrowing rings from the spectators. There’s always a good chance that you may not find the proper ring and I have had the stone from the borrowed ring fall out before….NOT GOOD!

METHOD: Display the ring and hand it out for inspection. Display the large hanky (the corner with the sewn-in ring is in the right hand), holding it out at both corners. Place the wand under your left armpit. Ask for a volunteer to assist you.

Hold the ring in your left hand. The hanky is held by the corner that has the duplicate ring sewn in, with your right hand.

Place the ring in your left hand, displaying it prominently. Drape the hanky over your left hand. The right hand now secretly comes up to where the ring and left hand are.

The duplicate sewn-in ring is brought up to the center of the hanky, as the ring in the left hand is secretly placed into right-hand finger palm. All this occurs under the hanky…it only takes two or three seconds.

The left hand comes out from under the hanky and then grasps the “ring” (duplicate) by the center of the hanky.

The right hand now comes out from beneath the hanky and then immediately goes to the wand beneath your left armpit.

The ring is then easily “threaded” onto the wand! Tap the ring (the duplicate under the hanky) with the wand.

Now ask another volunteer to join you as you move each spectator to your right and left sides.

Have each spectator grasp one end of the wand as your right hand and the hidden ring, moves to the center of the wand. This ‘moving to the center of the wand’ is done with the only right hand – it’s easy to do.

Now hold the hanky (still held by the right hand) over the right hand and wand. At this point it appears impossible to get the ring onto the wand since both ends are being held by the spectators.

Have one of the two spectators (each still holding one end of the wand) grasp the “ring” that is under the hanky with her free hand, using only her thumb and one finger.

You then “do your magic” and grasp a corner of the hanky with your left hand…remember that the right hand is still holding the wand and the ring at the middle of the wand.

Whisk the hanky away from the spectator’s grasp as your right hand quickly moves away from the wand, spinning the ring on the wand!

The spinning of the ring on the wand as the hanky is whisked away, adds a dynamic to your magic and looks really nice!

All attention will be on the ring, spinning on the wand, as your right hand finds the hidden ring, sewn into the hanky, and holds it.

Then the left hand grasps another corner of the hanky and you then quickly display the hanky on both sides and then casually place the hanky into one of your pockets.

There will be no emphasis on the hanky, so just place it casually into your pocket…out of sight, out of mind!

This is a very nice effect and is pleasing “eye-candy” to the spectators! Remember…don’t run if you’re not being chased! No one will ask to inspect the hanky!

Paul recently published his 51st book of magic. What an accomplishment!  With 28 years of steady restaurant work, 35 years of bar experience, corporate shows, community shows, many, many 3-day festivals – and of course, hundreds and hundreds of children’s birthday parties Paul has quite a bit of experience to share.  View all 51 ebooks at:



The Timeless Project – A Review – by R.Carruth
Russ Stevens, Bill Thompson & Gary Jones

The Timeless Project is a very sophisticated multi-effect deck(s) that takes card magic to a higher level. First.. here is the developer’s ad copy.. then, we’ll go from there.

“Welcome to The Timeless Project featuring five amazing routines utilizing the hidden secrets of the RSVP deck of cards of the same name. Join your hosts Gary Jones and Russ Stevens as they show you five brand new routines that are unique to this very special deck of cards. All are easy to do and pack a killer punch!

Contents Include:

Second Hand – The magician asks the spectator to merely think of any time — there is no force, it’s never written down or said to anyone. The magician now takes the Timeless Deck (that has been on the table in full view throughout) and spreads the cards, showing that there is one card reversed in the entire deck. For the first time, the spectator names their time. When the card is turned over, that card has their time printed on it! This is a reputation-making routine that really is worth the price of the whole project.

Miracle Clock – A spectator again thinks of their favorite time of the day. Without telling anyone or writing it down, the magician is again able to know the exact time they’re thinking of and reveals it in an unusual and amazing way.

Duel Time – Two cards are selected by two spectators. The magician now takes the first card and shows the face to be holding a timepiece in their hand. He places the card onto the spectator’s hand and asks them to slam their hand down onto the card. When it’s turned over, the clock face is now broken! Taking the card, the magician shakes the card and magically restores it back to its original condition. The second card is turned over and shows a card holding a clock set at ten o’clock. The magician takes the card and moves it slowly in front of the spectator, where it seems to visibly change to another time (this can be a prediction if desired). Utilizing the special printing ideas on some of the Timeless cards, this is a really cool effect.

Just a Second – The magician shows a selected card to be holding a time and the card is placed face down on the table. The magician now shows his wrist watch and asks the spectator to pull the pin out and set the watch to any time. He tells them that their time will match the time on the face down card sitting on the table throughout. The watch is turned over to reveal an hour and the card turned over… the times don’t match! Taking the card, the magician asks the spectator to turn an invisible winder at the side of the card, as if moving the hands on the printed face. When it’s turned over, the time on the card now matches the time on the watch. Truly amazing stuff!

The instructional DVD is in full HD (1920x1080p), runs for 50 minutes and is worldwide playback. Please note that due the manufacturing of the special deck included, this is a very limited run and that the DVD is a DVDR.”

My review…

The Timeless Project is a masterwork from RSVP Magic. The name comes from clocks printed on each court card, very fashionably I might add, and the effects that are possible using the concept of time and cards. I wish I could explain the complete concept.. but that would be a bit unfair. I will say this… all the court cards are printed with a clock.. all 12 of the court cards. Each court card has a clock with a different time and each court card is aligned in a specific order, easily remembered. This serves as the basis for some very extravagant magic.

I am generally not a big fan of radical changes to my standard Bicycle design. I don’t mind changes to the backs, but the faces are sort of sacred, in my humble opinion. The Timeless Project is the off-shoot of the Timeless Deck, developed several years ago by Russ Stevens and based on a premise by the late Bill Thompson, and one of the few exceptions I’ll allow… design wise. Like my friend Jim Canaday said.. the cards are ..” very reminiscent of both comic book art and steam punk.” I am a big fan of steam punk, and if you’re going to change my beloved Bikes.. change ’em to an intelligent steam punk design. The design of the clocks are integrated into the faces to create a very pleasing look.

The Timeless Deck was first sold several years ago by RSVP. They sold out completely, and for the past four years were not reissued. They are only being reissued now to be sold in conjunction with the Timeless Project, which itself is in very limited production. I don’t fully understand the concept of ‘limited edition’ and ‘limited production’.. if there is a large demand.. but I’m sure there’s a very good reason.

Each Timeless Project comes with two Timeless decks.. one normal and one gaffed. The normal deck is actually a very slick-handling deck. Although not a linen finish, I could perform nice faros straight out the pack. Folks on the Cafe and in other reviews raved about the quality. That doesn’t carry a lot of weight with me.. but my personal handling of the deck does. I REALLY like it..

Both decks are USPCC, smooth cut, and exactly what you would expect from an effect of this price. You’ll also get a 50 minute DVD taught by Gary Jones.. again very indicative of the cost of the project. Russ Stevens and Gary Jones are to be congratulated.

You read the creator’s description of several effects, and I want to add something to the descriptions to give you a hint or two.

Miracle Clock… uses a popular method with the ancient clock routine to arrive at a selection which is revealed in a method best described as ” The Clock Routine On Steroids”. What’s important is that two different classics of magic are used, using methods you are already very familiar with… to create a new ending not even YOU saw coming..

Duel Time… Uses the normal Timeless deck, along with a couple of additional cards supplied with the deck. There is a minor sleight or two used to make everything work.. (think ‘double lift’.)
This is a very visual effect that makes two spectators wish they’d paid much closer attention..

Just a Second… Again uses the normal Timeless deck. You also use your watch, which may or may not be a special watch, it’s all explained.. Another minor sleight is used, along with a duplicate card, to befuddle any spectator.

The Second Hand… This is a very unique effect, brazen almost, that uses a method I’ve never seen used in all of magic.. to arrive at a time thought of by the spectator. Unlike all it’s cousins, you DO NOT get the spectator to verbally reveal their secret in order to know where to dig in the deck to find their thought-of card. This effect is one slick magician fooler. I use the method taught for the public.. and a variation of my own to fool those know-it-all magic guys. Oh, I wish I could tell you the secret, and I wish I got a commission for every Timeless Project sold from this point on… but I don’t get either. I DO get the satisfaction of recommending this superlative combination of effects, worth far more than its price -if- you will take time to study the DVD and learn these carefully chosen effects.

Although not important to the effects, the Timeless Project DVD has the best intro of any magic related DVD I’ve ever watched. A photo by Filipino photographer and digital graphics artist Norvz Austria and music inspired by Evanescence create a visual I’ve watched many times. Now my sensitive side is showing… and I appreciate the designers thought there were folks like myself who would, and could, appreciate their efforts.

Everything you need (almost ) is here. One effect does require a special deck many of you will undoubtably already own. If you don’t own one, you can make one.. not a big deal. Another effect will require a watch with a second hand or display. Celebrate that you can buy an effect like this for $45.00. Having seen what some magicians attempt to sell as ‘miracles’, ‘revolutionary magic’, ‘groundbreaking’ etc. I think I have a good point of reference. Buy the Timeless Project and truly enjoy magic again. I’m excited to attach my name to a product with so many possibilities.

$45.00.. Available from shops selling the Murphy’s Magic line of quality products.



Four King Miracle – Henri White – A Review by R.Carruth
In conjunction with.. World Magic Shop

From the creator of The Souvenir, Henri White Presents Four King Miracle …

Two jokers are shown front and back. Visually, one at a time, the first two Kings appear in between two Jokers. As a finale, the final two cards also change into Kings. The Jokers have vanished from the packet!

This leaves you with a Four King Miracle.

The effect is easy to perform, and you will receive custom printed cards so you can start astonishing others with this great little packet trick.

My Review…

Yes, this is a packet trick. I am not generally a big fan of packet tricks.. don’t ask me why.. I’m just more comfortable with a pack of cards in my hands. Now that I’ve expressed my lame excuse, let me say that I’m going to make an exception for Four King Miracle.

When I first received this effect, I felt a little slighted.. excuse the pun. I felt that I should have received more, aside from four cards and some online instructions. But, after watching the video a couple of times..(just over ten minutes) I saw the possibility.

This is a sandwich type effect using two Jokers. The two Jokers, one by one, very visually change into four Kings. It’s one of those effects that you could perform with no patter.. if so inclined. The magic speaks for itself.

I played with the packet for a solid three days, and in addition to learning to perform the effect exactly as taught, I added several twists to the moves along with an interesting story. Now, I’m to the point where I can’t wait to show this to friends in the know.

Will it fool them? Well, since they’re all magicians, probably not… but I suspect they will see what I see… a chance to really fool a lay audience.

If you go to Murphy’s and watch the video, you’ll probably have a general idea how the effect works, although you probably won’t catch the specifics. Without giving away too much, you’re on the right track, but you won’t figure the handling… and the handling is worth the price.

At just over ten minutes, the online video can be inhaled quickly, and you’ll be ready to perform shortly after receiving Four King Miracle. I found that breaking the cards in to my satisfaction aided my performance considerably. So, take a day and work with the cards.

This is definitely something that can be performed by dedicated beginners who are willing to look at the effect as a whole and work on the little things.. although there are not many of those. Because of the nature of the cards, there is a certain ‘touch’ that’s needed to make everything visually appealing, but it’s in the handling.

The effect itself is NOT angle sensitive, so it’s ideal for walk around and close up. You can reset the effect in an instant, right in front of the spectator. The only negative, so to speak, is the spectator cannot handle the cards. A simple method is taught on the video to allow you to show all four cards as ‘normal’… and pocket the packet.

You will receive four cards, all gaffed in one way or another, and a link to the online video. The gaffs should last quite some time, depending on use of course, and you can make your own gaffed cards from a regular deck of cards containing four Kings and two Jokers.

Four King Miracle is available at dealers who carry the Murphy’s Magic line of products. $19.00



Professor Numbers – aka Ray Blum Hospital Magician – Free eBook

Professor Numbers, now retired, wrote at least eight mathematically oriented books, including one with Bob Longe, basically for children ages eight and over. Aside from being a hospital magician, he performed many school shows.. up to five a day and fifty minutes each.

This free ebook is taken from several other works and is very good to be a children’s book. I spent way too much time writing this up and looking through the ebook. I actually saw a couple of things I can use on smarty-pants magicians….

Ray says feel free to print out the ebook.. all 125 pages. Plenty of illustrations and just plain fun stuff… Very recommended.



Yutaka Nishiyama – Osaka University of Economics

I’m not sure how you can use this.. but I am sure some of you intelligent gents and ladies will see the possibilities. This stack cycles through ALL 52 cards and allows you to know the next card in the deck. Unlike the Stebbins stack, which you can’t ‘look at..’ too long without seeing the secret, this cycle is NOT detectable and does not alternate colors…

“Abstract: Ordering 52 playing cards according to a particular rule allows one to perform a certain magic trick. By learning the rule, after viewing a given card the performer will be able to predict the next card in the deck. The key to the trick is an application of modular arithmetic, one that the author hopes will lend itself as an interesting device for mathematics education.?



Si Stebbins Stacked Deck – Advanced Methods

Most of us know how to use the Si Stebbins stack.. but… do you know how to look at the top or bottom card of a Stebbins stack and know the location of ANY card in the deck? Well, here’s the formula..



Harry Maurer presents… Over 100 Card Tricks That You Can Do – Free PDF

Magic is a lot of fun, but carrying a bunch of magic equipment around with you can be awkward!
Presenting tricks with a deck of cards is easy and can be performed almost anywhere by anyone! You will find that most of the tricks below can even be presented with a borrowed deck of cards — that way you can entertain your friends and family at a moment’s notice!

The card tricks contained in this book are “easy to learn” tricks that, if presented properly, will fool your family and friends. You will find that they will amaze older children as well as adults. But just because they are simple tricks does not mean that you can simply read through the instructions once and perform them! You will have to practice each trick over and over again until you can present it without thinking about what you have to do next and so that you know exactly what you are going to say at each stage of the trick.



Harry Houdini – The Legend of the World’s Greatest Escape Artist

This is another educational site, designed for teachers and students, that takes a fairly deep dive into magic and one of the primary figures in magic – Harry Houdini. The Houdini PDF is written in a style to appeal to middle school students, but contains a number of interesting facts and obscure photos. I enjoyed reading the PDF.


Complete course in magic, including a number of teaching videos.


Book More Shows! Ten Easy Actions you can do Right Now – Free eBook

This Top Ten Tips report has been downloaded by thousands of magicians all over the globe who want to improve their business. Join them. We will also send you a copy of our recently updated 40 page eBook …

Multiply Your Merchandising – Free eBook

Merchandising for Entertainers. Many magicians double or triple the amount of money they make at every show through some form of merchandising. But there are a lot more reasons to do it than just the money. We explain Why you should do it, What you can sell & How to do it.

MagicCoach Newsletter – Free Resource

We also include a free subscription to our monthly Tips & Techniques newsletter that goes out around the world to nearly 2000 subscribers. ?If you ?change your mind at any time, you can unsubscribe with one click via the link provided ?in each newsletter.



Routine For Rascals – Complete Routine for Families and Children (Ad)

This eBook, ready for instant Download, contains 5 dynamic professional routines from the MagicCoach himself, Timothy Hyde. These routines are no pipe dreams from an armchair theorist. They have all been performed in hundreds if not thousands of performances in his 35 years as a full time mystery performer.

These are all High Impact, Stage Filling Audience Participation effects suitable for Children’s and Family Shows. Most of the routines are also suitable for roving / walkabout engagements and can be performed surrounded at picnic, social days, fairs and other outside events.




Free Music Archives – Free Music For Your Videos

A gazillion free music tracks from ALL genre’s of music. Generally, all that’s required to use these tracks is an attribution…

“The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America. Radio has always offered the public free access to new music. The Free Music Archive is a continuation of that purpose, designed for the age of the internet. It was launched in 2009.

Every MP3 you discover on The Free Music Archive is pre-cleared for certain types of uses that would otherwise be prohibited by copyright laws that were not designed for the digital era.

The Free Music Archive is a platform for collaboration between curators and artists, including radio stations, netlabels, venues, artist collectives, museums, music festivals and more. The site combines the curatorial approach that these organizations have played for the last few decades, with the community generated approach of many current online music sites.

Inspired by Creative Commons and the open source software movement, the FMA provides a legal and technological framework for curators, artists, and listeners to harness the potential of music sharing. Every artist page will have a bio and links to the artists’ home page for users to learn more about the music they discover via the Free Music Archive. We also seek to compensate artists directly where possible. Artist, album and song profiles may contain links to buy the full album from the artist and/or label’s preferred vendor(s). Users can also “tip” an artist if they like what they hear, sending a donation directly to the artists’ PayPal account. Artist profiles can include tour dates, encouraging users to step away from the glowing computer screen and see some real live music.”



In The Hand Riffle Shuffle – Detailed Tutorial

From Pro Magic Live.. this 16+ minute tutorial is very thorough and very informative. Although the standard Riffle Shuffle is known by most magicians.. the In The Hand Riffle Shuffle is slightly harder to master. This tutorial teaches some of the finer points that should have you well on the road to a shuffle you’ll use over and over.


Easiest Card Trick Ever – Mismag822

I won’t say this is the ‘easiest’ trick ever.. but it’s certainly easy enough. Plus, it’s impressive enough you can perform it for fellow magicians and get a nice response…

“This is a revised card trick I did 3 years ago. It’s a great beginner card trick because It requires NO SETUP, NO SLEIGHT OF HAND … and it will fool almost EVERYBODY. ”


This Months FREE PDF – Bunches of Effects

Mysterio Cinco – A Predict-A-Card Effect with Five Cards
The Trick That Can’t Be Explained!
Magic For The Blind – A Twist
Magic On The Six – A Two Man Effect
Voodoo Curse – A Business Card Effect
Climax – Henry Christ
Oil and The Clean Water Act
Triple Revelation
I Case You Didn’t Know
Torn And Restored Exposed!
Colombini Coincidence – An Effect from Vi
It’s Time – An Effect
Signed 2 Card Transpo
Synchronicity – A Card Effect for Couples
The Ten Card Trick
Clock It – A Simple Mentalism Effect
Impromptu Book Test


Another massive collection of effects from our friends.. and a few from yours truly. I think I counted 19 total effects in this PDF. About 46% are from my partner in crime/magic, Paul A Lelekis.. Another 46% are from me.. and one is from my Aruban buddy.. Vi Frank, and a Halloween effect from my Dutch mate Vincent and Jay Sankey…

This is definitely one of my very favorite of the ten PDF’s I’ll share. Most of the effects are several pages long, and very commercial oriented. I think you’ll like this…


India’s Street Magic Once Captivated the World, Including Houdini Himself – Article

“In 1893, years before he made his name as a legendary escapologist, a 19-year-old Harry Houdini sought to entertain visitors at the Chicago World Fair. So he darkened his face with makeup, put on a white robe, and posed as a “Hindu fakir.”

Houdini was capitalising on the growing fascination with the mysticism and magic of India which had sparked what one commentator described as a “fakir invasion” in the West. Indeed, he was following in the footsteps of many Western magicians who gave themselves titles like “The Fakir of Shimla” and “Fakir of Jeypoor.” These artistes dressed up in outlandish outfits, muddled together tricks from across the world, and passed them all off as Indian.

“…Science was able to explain everything, yet the East held out the promise that there were things out there tat might not be explicable, that there might be a place where real magic existed. So Western magicians were very keen to exploit this belief,” said John Zubrzycki, the Australian author of the new book, Jadoowallahs, Jugglers and Jinns.” Read more at:









Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison gave the world electric light, microphones, storage batteries, sound films, phonographs, and a thousand other inventions. Here are the principles he lived by:
(1) Work to obtain all the knowledge you can about what you want to achieve.
(2) Fix your mind on your purpose. The trouble with most people is they quit before they start.
(3) Keep searching, no matter how many times you meet with disappointment.
(4) Refuse to be influenced by the fact that someone else tried the same thing and failed.
(5) Stay “sold” on the idea that somewhere a solution to the problem exists, and you’ll find it.

P.O.Box 2110 • Spartanburg, SC 29304


Justin Johnson – Youtube Music Video

Justin is an excellent guitar player, one of the best in the country, and specializes in blues and boogie… two of my favorites. I know this has little to do with magic… but it has a LOT to do with being very good at your craft..

Heavy Swamp Blues On Fretless 6-String

Bootleg Turn



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That does it for this issue. I hope you found something to help your magic along. Remember, if you have something you would like to see published on the Magic Roadshow site.. send it to: TheMagicRoadshow@gmail.com

Be Blessed!
Rick Carruth / Editor

Professor – Camelard College of Conjuring of Chemmis, Egypt

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science.”
Albert Einstein



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