Blink Of An Eye – A Review

Blink Of An Eye – A Review

Blink of An Eye – By David Luu – A Review
Rick Carruth

This is a super quick and very visual card change that occurs while a card is extended from a deck.
Here is the ad copy from the download..

Instantly change the faces and the backs of your playing cards — even restore a torn corner! This is modern visual card magic at its finest. Learn this lightning quick, hyper-visual card change today! Download this video and begin performing these impossible-looking feats of magic!

Created by David Luu and sold as an instant download by Murphy’s Magic, Blink of an Eye is a visual card change, designed to change one card for another, or one color back for another. Unlike most effects I normally review, this is utility device that does the work for you.. and you provide the story.

I cannot compare this to any other device right off. If there is something similar, I’m not familiar with it. You show approximately half a card, extending from the deck, and with a very gentle movement, the card changes from one to another. It’s quick.. and the movement isn’t necessary to achieve the change. It only helps mask the change.. a la Vernon..

I can tell you what happens.. but I can’t tell you HOW it happens, other than to say there is a device (gimmick) used to effect the change. One card is made to recess into the gimmick, quickly, revealing a second card. There are a number of uses for David’s gimmick, limited only by your imagination… Vanish a card, change a card, change the color of a card, restore a corner on a card, and other magical possibilities.

The upside and downside:

I almost hate to mention this, as it’s not an issue with many users. You do have to build the gimmick. The download is about 45 minutes long and goes into great depth as to the creation of the gimmick. It’s not highly complicated and well within the ability of the average customer. Folks who read my reviews know I am not a DIY guy, as I’m on of those people who will pay a premium to have someone else build it for me. BUT.. this is a nine dollar download. It would be a $25-30 gimmick if all the work were done for you. So.. I can’t say anything. Forget I mentioned it.. Buy it, build it today, and be the focus of attention tonight.

Someone is going to buy it.. and complain that I didn’t tell them the deck couldn’t be freely examined after you vanish or change a card. Remember, there is a gimmick involved… and the gimmick is inside the deck. Many great effects use gimmicks, so this isn’t a problem, unless you aren’t paying attention to what I’m saying.

Honestly, the best way to get a good grasp of what David’s device will do is go to this link and watch the video. I like what it does, and the possibilities that are presented. I think you will too.

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