Omega = Alpha – A Review

Omega = Alpha – A Review

Omega = Alpha
Woody Aragon

If you’re serious about your card manipulations.. you’re familiar with Woody Aragon. He is a master performer and an extremely talented creator of effects. He’s one of those few guys who sells a ton of material because there’s no way in hello you’re going to watch his trailers and figure out the method.

This offer from Murphy’s Magic is part of their THE VAULT series, which is an instantly downloadable feature available through their site.

Now, this download is a single effect, thus the $4.95 price, but it’s a well-developed effect that could serve as either an opener or a closer.

Reminiscent of a classic Martin Gardner effect, this is strictly a mathemagical effect that is self working, yet seems like magic. You can perform it with a thoroughly shuffled deck.. and you can perform it with a borrowed deck. Don’t shrug it off because it’s mathematical, as you can perform it in a way as to take the appearance of mathematics out of the equasion.

Listening to Woody talk and teach is a little like listening to Tamariz.. animated, happy-go-lucky, and infectious…. and never boring! It’s not hard to learn and there is nothing complicated to remember. You can watch the video and perform it right away. Just my type of trick…

I recommend Omega = Alpha to all my friends. The investment is minimal and the likelyhood you’ll perform it is very high.

To quote the ad copy…

“Woody Aragon offers a great piece of self-working magic that can be done with a borrowed deck of cards. The cards are shuffled, and a card is simply thought of. The deck is shuffled again and with a bit of banter, the cards are dealt into two piles. One pile is eliminated, and the process is repeated until a single card remains… The card merely THOUGHT of by the spectator!!!!! ”

Download the video and learn this stunner! $4.95

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