Bob Solari’s Psychic Card Paddle – A Review

Bob Solari’s Psychic Card Paddle – A Review

Bob Solari’s Psychic Card Paddle – A Review

Psychic Card Paddle

I like pocket tricks. I particularly like pocket tricks if they are actually worthy of a place in my pocket. Bob Solari’s new PSYCHIC CARD PADDLE aptly fills the bill.

Now, I don’t carry traditional paddle tricks.. they didn’t appeal to me, although I have carried Hot Rods from time to time. I like the basic paddle move, and feel it’s one of the more deceptive moves in magic. When performed with skill.. it kills. That said, I’ve seen too many paddle tricks in kids magic kits to risk it.

When Bob Solari contacted me about Psychic Card Paddle, I was intrigued because I know Bob, I know how he thinks, and I knew it had to be something outside the norm. When I actually received my paddle I was still intrigued because it veered away from the traditional use and employed a card trick.. of sorts. Most of you are familiar with the Princess Card Trick I’m sure. The spectator views a layout of six playing cards… thinks of one.. and after pressing a button or flipping a page, the thought-of card has vanished. Psychic Card Paddle uses the same principle, placing images of six small cards on one side of the paddle. After the magi shows ‘both’ sides of the paddle, he asks the spectator to privately think of one card. After appropriate patter, the magi shows the paddle again, both sides, and the selected card has vanished.

I can think of a number of possibilities for Psychic Card Paddle. It can be used as a stand-alone effect, it can be used as a magic prop to help the magician achieve an end, or it can be used as a tool in conjunction with a card effect. Because of its unique nature, you’re open to a gaggle of possibilities.

Most of all… it can be used as a Psychic Card Trick. Just perform it as Bob intended, and you’ll fool the heck out of your audience. I really like that it can be performed for adults and kids alike. I know kids have a problem with playing cards sometimes.. but all you need to do is tell them what you WANT them to do. They don’t have to name the card, so the pressure is off.

Psychic Card Trick is a new product in conjunction with Trickmaster, and comes complete with everything you need to perform it out the package. Careful instructions and illustrations, not only of the use of the paddle, but of the paddle move itself are included.

I can’t resist mentioning Bob was a staple in the New Jersey magic community and operated his shop and mail order business successfully for years. He recently moved to sunny Myrtle Beach, SC.. I’m sure in part to get away from the harsh winter weather. As I write this.. Myrtle Beach is preparing for a major winter storm… snow, sleet, ice and very cold temps. I’m sure Bob will be teaching the southern boys how to drive in it… and working on another cool magic effect.

I recommend Psychic Card Paddle to all my friends and gracious readers. It’s so easy to perform and makes even skilled magicians say.. ” let me see that..! “….

The cost ? $14.95
The site…

Reviewed by.. Rick Carruth

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