Four King Miracle – A Review

Four King Miracle – A Review

Four King Miracle – Henri White
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From the creator of The Souvenir, Henri White Presents Four King Miracle …

Two jokers are shown front and back. Visually, one at a time, the first two Kings appear in between two Jokers. As a finale, the final two cards also change into Kings. The Jokers have vanished from the packet!

This leaves you with a Four King Miracle.

The effect is easy to perform, and you will receive custom printed cards so you can start astonishing others with this great little packet trick.

My Review…

Yes, this is a packet trick. I am not generally a big fan of packet tricks.. don’t ask me why.. I’m just more comfortable with a pack of cards in my hands. Now that I’ve expressed my lame excuse, let me say that I’m going to make an exception for Four King Miracle.

When I first received this effect, I felt a little slighted.. excuse the pun. I felt that I should have received more, aside from four cards and some online instructions. But, after watching the video a couple of times..(just over ten minutes) I saw the possibility.

This is a sandwich type effect using two Jokers. The two Jokers, one by one, very visually change into four Kings. It’s one of those effects that you could perform with no patter.. if so inclined. The magic speaks for itself.

I played with the packet for a solid three days, and in addition to learning to perform the effect exactly as taught, I added several twists to the moves along with an interesting story. Now, I’m to the point where I can’t wait to show this to friends in the know.

Will it fool them? Well, since they’re all magicians, probably not… but I suspect they will see what I see… a chance to really fool a lay audience.

If you go to Murphy’s and watch the video, you’ll probably have a general idea how the effect works, although you probably won’t catch the specifics. Without giving away too much, you’re on the right track, but you won’t figure the handling… and the handling is worth the price.

At just over ten minutes, the online video can be inhaled quickly, and you’ll be ready to perform shortly after receiving Four King Miracle. I found that breaking the cards in to my satisfaction aided my performance considerably. So, take a day and work with the cards.

This is definitely something that can be performed by dedicated beginners who are willing to look at the effect as a whole and work on the little things.. although there are not many of those. Because of the nature of the cards, there is a certain ‘touch’ that’s needed to make everything visually appealing, but it’s in the handling.

The effect itself is NOT angle sensitive, so it’s ideal for walk around and close up. You can reset the effect in an instant, right in front of the spectator. The only negative, so to speak, is the spectator cannot handle the cards. A simple method is taught on the video to allow you to show all four cards as ‘normal’… and pocket the packet.

You will receive four cards, all gaffed in one way or another, and a link to the online video. The gaffs should last quite some time, depending on use of course, and you can make your own gaffed cards from a regular deck of cards containing four Kings and two Jokers.

Four King Miracle is available at dealers who carry the Murphy’s Magic line of products. $19.00

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