Four X Four… from The Halo Project

Four X Four… from The Halo Project

Four X Four… from The Halo Project

A review by Rick Carruth…

This effect, which is a single product download from Murphy’s Magic, reads as follows:

The ultimate mind reading lie detector or poker tell demonstration! Read the minds of four spectators instantly!

This is an incredible routine from Harry Lorayne’s book, REPUTATION MAKERS.

Effect: Even though four spectators merely THINK of a card in their own pile of cards, AND they shuffle those cards, the magician is able to name all four thought-of cards!

Self-working. Use a borrowed, shuffled deck. Easy to do. Ingenious principle.

My Take:

Rudy Tinoco, founder of The Magician’s Forum, created The Halo Project, which is basically a well-deserved salute to Harry Lorayne. Rudy and his readers selected what they consider to be Harry’s best card tricks and recorded the effects for the Halo Project.

This release, from Murphy’s Magic, isolated one of the very best effects, Four X Four, and released it as a single effect. Rudy performs the effect for the video.

Watching the performance video at Murphy’s will give you a good idea of the effect, but not the method. To get the method you’ll need to purchase the video from one of the dealers who handle Murphy’s Magic products, or, in this case, directly from Murphy’s as an instant download. Since the download is a solid 19 minutes, the cost is a modest $10.00.

I will tell you this.. although it appears to be a complex effect, it’s basically mathematical. Folks don’t think so, and you’re credited with a sophisticated gambling display or feat of memory.. depending on how you play it.

I agree with the ad copy. Yes, this is a single effect… but you’ll get several minutes of entertainment value from Four X Four. It’s also self working, so you can concentrate fully on your performance. If you enjoy the poker/memory demonstration type effects, I recommend Four X Four.

Available from Murphy’s Magic. Watch the video performance and purchase the download at:

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