IRIS – Lewis Le Val and The 1914 – A Review

IRIS – Lewis Le Val and The 1914 – A Review

IRIS – Lewis Le Val and The 1914 – A Review

The Ad Copy:

Forget palm reading!

The lines, marks and patterns in the eye’s iris can tell you more about a person’s life than any palm ever could!

(At least, that’s what you tell your participant.) Using the remarkable concept of eye gazing, IRIS allows you to divine a specific and important area of life your participant is simply THINKING of.

After giving an impressive psychic reading centered around this area of their life, you proceed to floor them further by revealing a personal piece of information you couldn’t possibly have known in advance: their star sign!

The methods are brilliantly devious. There are no cumbersome anagrams and absolutely nothing is ever written down!

In fact, the methods are hidden in plain sight, printed directly onto the two cards you receive. They are so well hidden, your participant could even forensically inspect the cards and STILL have no clue how it was done!

What’s more, IRIS utilizes just TWO cards that can be carried everywhere with you, taking up next-to-no room in your wallet or purse.

The IRIS video instructions also contain a wealth of knowledge and guidance for giving unique and individual personality readings from a world-renowned modern mystic.

Beginners in mentalism often shy away from cold readings for fear of misses. IRIS is the antidote to your reservations; it guarantees a bulletproof ending irrespective of how successful your personality reading may be. This built-in safety net allows you to sharpen your cold reading skills without fear of getting things wrong, because no matter what happens in the reading, you’ll always be able to hit them with something SOLID that’s impossible to explain.

IRIS is a special tool designed to facilitate and enhance your intimate personality readings. It will leave your participant with a deep, personal and meaningful memory that has the potential to leave them with profound new life perspectives.

My Thoughts:

IRIS, by Lewis Le Val, is both an effect AND a reading system.. that permits you to know the secret thoughts of you spectator/client. I have NO problem with the ad copy.. and consider it very accurate describing IRIS..

The system uses two IRIS cards, which contain all the info for the reading. Nothing is printed on the cards to give away the secret. You can determine the spectator’s star sign in a very inconspicuous way, one that doesn’t create suspicion, and you can know very personal information about the spectator.. information you shouldn’t otherwise know.

The IRIS cards are approx. the same size as a business card, and will fit easily in your wallet or shirt pocket. The spectator will casually read the cards and, in one instance, you will know WHAT the spectator is reading by what is printed on the BACK of the card. The spectator has no idea they are giving away the secret while trying to keep it secret.

In all fairness, a small bit of equivoque is used to gain the spectator’s star sign. The cards tell you, within 3, the sign.. and a simple equivoque is used for the final reveal. You can ask either one or two questions.. and know the sign.

During the second half of the reading, the spectator focuses on one area of their life that most interest them. One side of one card contains a list of twelve words; travel, education, strength, spirituality etc… and the spectator now focuses on one specific word. Lewis has assigned each area a number, and you can remember both the word and the number using a simple mnemonic frequently used in mentalism.

Using almost no mathematics, other than simple addition like 1+2+8, you will know the specific area of interest of the spectator by gazing into their iris.. or so they will believe. Knowing their field of interest in secret, you are prepared to offer a ‘reading’ before you reveal their area of interest.

“You are a student for life. You have never quit learning and consider learning almost as important to you as breathing itself. You are not totally happy with your education.. and want to study something, somewhere that will make you a better person.. both in life and the workplace.”

This might be something you’d say to someone after you’ve secretly determined their area of interest is education.

Approximately half of the instructions are geared toward the readings themselves.. and not technique. Lewis offers very detailed teachings about both the star reveal and the area of interest. It’s very possible to stick with the basic reveals until you are comfortable discussing the details of the reading.. details that will come through your experience.

Readings aren’t easy, unless you’re quick thinking or experienced. It’s a learned processed.. and IRIS is a great tool to get you started. Keep your readings simple in the beginning.. and expand as you gain experience. You have the perfect tool to encourage you to WANT to offer readings.. quick or otherwise.. and a very good instructor to set you on the right path.

IRIS includes 1 hour and 12 minutes of video instructions. The video and sound are good, and nothing is lacking. The first several minutes of the instructions are a full reading, conducted by Lewis, and give you a good indication of what to expect, and what is possible, with IRIS. Some might think thirty dollars is a little high for two cards.. but you are buying a well-though-out system of psychic reading. No problem here…

I will recommend IRIS to any of my friends and readers with an interest in mentalism or psychic readings. I like it a LOT..

$30.00 .. From Murphy’s Magic and their Associates..

Review by Rick Carruth

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