A New Magic Roadshow Just Published..

A New Magic Roadshow Just Published..

58 pages of nothing but magic. Download it for FREE….  Effects, Articles, Video Tutorials and Reviews.. plus NO ADs..

Available exclusively as a PDF..

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-The Fabulous 7 Pile Card Prediction: – Effect – Bob Durante

-Clock Work – Prediction and Forcing Tool – B.Durante

-2- Way Miracle – An Effect – Paul A. Lelekis

-Nine And Nine Again – An Effect – R.Carruth

-Double Vision – An impromptu effect – R.Carruth

The Waterwheel Double Lift & 3 Others – Tutorial – Jay Sankey

-Make It Real – Short Article – R.Carruth

-Predict the Future // Self-Working Card Trick – Video Tutorial..

-Mind Reading Trick With Any Paper Napkin – Video Tutorial

– Diagonal Palm Shift in-Depth Tutorial..

-22 Levels of Card Juggling: Easy to Complex |

– Unexpected Places to find Vintage Decks – Advice

-The Worst Magic Fails Ever – Post & Videos

-Paul Gordon’s 30 Minute Performance Video – Video

-COGNITO – Lloyd Barnes & Owen Garfield – A Review

-APOLLO – by Nicholas Lawrence & Worm – A Review

-Providence Playing Cards by The 1914 – A Review

-IRIS – Lewis Le Val and The 1914 – A Review

-4K Color Vision Box – by Magic Firm – A Review

-Get Money -Louis Frenchy & George Iglesias – A Review

-Martin Scorsese’s HUGO..

-Card Counting and Casino Scams From Movies | Vanity Fair –

-Magic Tricks from Movies & TV | Vanity Fair – Video

-Other Good Stuff from The Roadshow – Resources

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-Years of Video Tutorials on Our Blogs…

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