Mental Dust – by Quique Marduk – A Review

Mental Dust – by Quique Marduk – A Review

Mental Dust by Quique Marduk – A Review

This is the Ad Copy:

The spectator selects a card and write the number and suit on a sugar envelope. The magician opens the envelope, pours the sugar on the spectator’s forearm and the selected card appears written on the skin.

It is the old and great “ashes on arm” trick but on the spectator’s skin, and can be done with ashes, salt, sand, pepper or any dust.

You receive a special gimmick and a holder to get the trick always ready to be performed.

3 patterns available: 8 of Spades, King of Clubs or Waves (ESP cards)

Includes a video download with explanations and ideas.

My Thoughts:

Mental Dust is a smart take on the classic David Blaine ‘Ashes on Arm’ effect. It was a sensation when it was first introduced.. and I can honestly say I’ve truly amazed spectators with this trick.

It is being offered by Quique Marduk.. creator of Osmosilk, Human Slot Machine, Portable, and A Bar Kadabra.. plus utilities like Triple Thumb Tip Holder, Harlequin Cigarette Holder, and Fake Egg.. among many other creations.

David’s Voodoo Ash was dependent on the magi being able to determine a name selected by a spectator, and then writing that name on his own arm with soap. Marduk’s method results in the magi placing the identity of a card on the SPECTATOR’S arm.

He has created a special ‘stamp’ that can be kept in the performer’s pocket until needed. A substance, provided, is placed on a small stamp which has one of three patterns.. 8 of Spades, King of Clubs or ESP Waves.. (one choice per purchase). This stamp is secured in a well-designed holder to keep safe until you’re ready to ‘stamp’ your spectator. Of course, this is accomplished in stealth mode.. following suggestions from Quique.

Once the spectator has been stamped, the magi can force any of the three selections, and eventually reveal the ‘prediction’ on the spectator’s arm by rubbing any one of a number of different substances over the unseen pattern.
The promo video shows the magi rubbing a sugar packet or salt over the pattern to make it visible, but you could also use darker substances for fair-skinned spectators, like ashes, when available.

Training is via Youtube video, about 9 minutes in length, and an enclosed instruction sheet with pictures. Also included is a Spanish video and written instructions.

Watch the Murphy’s video to get a good idea of the outcome.

Included are one stamp of your choice, a stamp holder, a substance holder to allow you to rub the coating on the stamp, and a special holder to hold the stamp in position as you ‘stamp’ the spectator.

The price is $35.00, which is not too much to pay if you’re excited about the possibilities. I don’t think many performers will purchase at this price-point out of curiosity. 20-25 may have been a better price.

This is a straight-up effect, adding a nice twist to a classic. Good thinking and fairly simple handling make it desirable for all those who remember the reactions they received from the original Blaine effect.

$35.00 .. From Murphy’s Magic and their Associates

Review by Rick Carruth for Murphy’s Magic & The Magic Roadshow

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