Perfect Sense – A Review

Perfect Sense – A Review


This is the ad copy for Perfect Sense:

With this routine, you have the SUPERHUMAN ABILITY to sense the IDENTITY of individual cards from a SHUFFLED DECK left in the spectator’s hands!

Say hello to Perfect Sense by Daniel Hiew. A color sense card trick inspired by Asi Wind’s Red and Black.

You start by SHUFFLING the cards or have your spectator cut anywhere they want. You deal the cards into two piles, and they get to choose any pile they want. Now, you demonstrate your superhuman “sixth sense” ability.

With Perfect Sense, you will not only be able to tell the color of the cards but also sense the suit, value and ULTIMATELY THE EXACT IDENTITY of EACH CARD! All done with a NON-MARKED DECK!

If you wish, you can instantly REPEAT the trick WITH NO RESET.

In this project, Daniel will share with you the details and subtleties in a crystal-clear manner.

What are you waiting for? Equip yourself with Perfect Sense and demonstrate your sixth sense with ANY pack of cards.

Buy Perfect Sense and start streaming NOW.

No marked deck.
The spectator can cut the deck as many times as they like!
The cards can be SHUFFLED!
Repeat instantly WITH NO RESET.
No crazy memorization.
Easy to perform. Almost self-working!
Blindfolded routine included.
Download the video and start learning!

My Thoughts:

I like this effect. I admit I’m not familiar with Daniel Hiew, but that’s my problem. I’ll start by saying this is a mathematical effect.. which I know will scare some of you.. but it shouldn’t. It’s not that you have to perform mathematics, it’s that the effect works because of mathematics. If you follow the instructions.. Perfect Sense is almost self-working.

The performer shuffles the deck and the spectator cuts the deck, several times if they wish. Twenty cards are dealt off the top of the deck into two piles by placing one card in pile one and the second card in pile two.. The performer then deals the third card onto whatever stack is designated by the spectator and then deals a fourth card onto the other stack. This sequence is continued, with the spectator selecting which pile receives the next odd card until all twenty cards are dealt. ( see the video )

The spectator then makes a choice of which stack to keep.. and the other stack is returned to the deck. The performer is now able to name the color of the top card, the suit of the next card, the value of the third card, and the value and suit of all other cards in the stack. Actually, he could name the value and suit of all ten cards if he wanted to… There is even a method that allows the performer to perform this while blindfolded.

In all fairness to the buyer, there IS a simple stack involved. There is also a certain order to the cards and you need to figure a simple two-card total throughout the effect. If you can add a 7 and a 6, for example, you can easily do everything required.. This is NOT hard stuff folks….

The amount of work by the performer is minimal.. compared to the amount of mystery created for the spectator. As performers, we often have to ask ourselves “Is it worth it ?”… In this case.. “Yes.. definitely.”

There is 28 minutes of instruction.. and the video and sound quality are typical
of Murphy’s Magic offerings. There is a bit of a dialog issue, as English is not Daniel’s first language.. but it’s not enough of an issue to fret about. I understood all the instructions.. and I’m sure you will too. Someone will inevitably complain though, so I’m going to touch on it for good measure.

Go to the site and watch the video. That will give you a good sense of the effect and how it plays. I am recommending it to Magic Roadshow readers and my FB friends.. Enjoy !

9.95 From Murphy’s Magic and their associated dealers..

Reviewed by Rick Carruth
































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