Rock, Paper, Lies – Jay Di Biase – A Review

Rock, Paper, Lies – Jay Di Biase – A Review

Rock, Paper, Lies – Jay Di Biase – A Review
Available as a DVD..

ROCK, PAPER, LIES. A classic Rock, Paper, Scissors game… gone mental!

The mentalist turns around while two spectators are playing rock, paper, scissors (or even an imaginary game), NO WAY he could know who won and what symbols were played, and yet using their body language he can reveal everything! Rock, Paper, Lies is a rock, paper, scissors game where you will not only be able to guess who is the winner, but also which symbol they played with and who is lying and who is telling the truth. Jay Di Biase gave a new life to a well known method creating a mind blowing, propless mentalism routine.


“Usually when someone says they have improved an effect they have only improved it in their mind to the detriment of the original routine or effect, in this case, this is not true. This improvement takes the liar logic problem into a whole new arena opening up doors for many more applications… well done.”

Jay Di Biase’s RPS is great! Based on Banachek’s liar/truthteller effect, Jay has taken the basic idea and added a wonderful take with the Rock, Paper, Scissor game. When he first showed me this in Italy last month, I was knocked for a loop even though I knew the original effect! It all seems so innocent and yet you know everything! It’s the perfect anytime/anyplace effect. If you need further recommendation, let me just say I have added this effect to my repertoire and I am doing it everywhere! I love it!
Richard Osterlind

This is the best application and improvement of the liar/truth teller method that I have ever seen! This is propless mentalism at its best!
Luca Volpe

My Thoughts:

ROCK PAPER LIES is a completely propless mentalism effect based on the classic Rock Paper Scissors game played around the world. It is based on Banachek’s ‘Ring Of Truth’ and improved upon by Jay Di Biase. Produced by Titanis Magic, it is a major uptick from the original.

Straight up.. Rock Paper Lies performs best when performed by a mentalist. It is not just a ‘trick’, it is a performance piece displaying the skill of the performer. Jay’s performances link it to the ‘body language’ method, which works well if you are establishing yourself with your audience as someone with great foresight and intuition. My opinion is.. simply performing Rock Paper Lies and then moving along to cups and balls is a disservice to Rock Paper Lies.

This is an effect that builds on your ‘skills’ as a mentalist. You will need two spectators, preferably familiar with rock paper scissors. It takes away from the effect when you have to teach the audience how to play the game.. in the midst of explaining the specifics of the effect. Keep things simple.. both for you and your spectators.

You will turn your back as the two spectators play a game of rock paper scissors. Both will designate themselves privately as a truth teller or a liar. This applies as you turn and ask both spectators a couple of questions. Both spectators are asked the SAME questions to alleviate suspicion by the audience you are pumping them for info. Since both are asked the same questions, and you do not know the liar or truth teller, you cannot possibly discern useful information from either.. right?

In truth.. you will know the truth tellers and/or the liars (they may both be the same); you will know who won the game; and you will know which of the objects each participant possessed. All this from simple questions.. as you ‘study’ their responses carefully for hints of nonverbal communication!

The effect is pure logic. It works every time, regardless of the spectators efforts to fool you. There is a small amount of methodology on the part of the performer. You must remember four simple rules, which become automatic after you play it out several times. Also, there is zero hyperbole in the ad copy. Everything is exactly as advertised.

Jay includes PDF files for anyone wanting to make visual aids for the audience. Although not necessary, it is a good tool to have. There is also one page with the ‘rules’ for the performer. If you want to make a simple cleat sheet, this is perfect. There is NO fine print. The entire cheat sheet is four lines, twenty words total.

There are additional instructions for using the same logic for a ‘which hand’ effect for two or three spectators. Once you have it committed to memory, it’s a breeze.

Overall, this is a ‘tool’ for mentalists. Richard Osterlind said he added this to his routine as soon as it was shown to him. That’s a good recommendation. Of course, anyone can perform this. I don’t want to pigeon-hole it. Audiences will be fooled and reputations will be enhanced.

The total running time of this DVD is about 25 minutes. Once the basics are explained, the rest is gravy. It is typical Titanis and Murphy’s Magic quality. As far as I know, it is NOT available as an instant download.. so you will receive a DVD in the mail. I like that..

I have a soft spot for propless magic and mentalism.. particularly if it leaves the audience clueless. I recommend ROCK PAPER LIES to my friends and readers!!

$24.95 From Murphy’s Magic and their associated dealers

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