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‘Magic Roadshow Journal of Magic’ is back..

‘Magic Roadshow Journal of Magic’ is back..


With the New Year still fresh on my mind, I forgot to notify you that a new issue of the MAGIC ROADSHOW JOURNAL OF MAGIC, the largest FREE magic newsletter in the world, has published. 

Featuring an array of new effects and videos, this issue can be read online or downloaded as a PDF to be read at your convenience. 

Check it out. Subscribing gets you an email notice the moment a new issue goes live, but, you are more than welcome to read or download it without subscribing. You can always wait till I publish a link here… which as you can see is not always the quickest way to be notified.  😉

A New Magic Roadshow – Journal of Magic.. Free to Read

A New Magic Roadshow – Journal of Magic.. Free to Read

Magic Roadshow 171


  • Paul Lelekis brings his ‘A’ game with ‘The Three Ace Trick’. You’ll love it..
  • ‘Double Vision –  An Impromptu Effect’ has re-emerged from the depths of our Archives..
  • Werner Miller’s Trick#9 in ‘Tricks Without Names’ is maybe my most favorite..
  • I’ve reviewed Solari’s Miser Miracle, my favorite version of Misers Dream
  • I’ve compiled every episode, on video, of Penn & Teller’s ‘Fool Us’.. season Two.  
  • Enjoy Prof. L.A. Harraden’s Complete Mail Course of Twenty Illustrated Lessons in Hypnotism.
  • Watch David London’s ‘Magic Outside The Box’ – Full Show – August 16, 2013  
  • David Britland’s ‘Simply Stebbins –  A Good Guess.. An Effect’ is classic..
  • Christopher T. Magician Presents three video tutorials for children performers.
  • A Cardini Special –  Card in the Hat..  a magic standard from Werner Dornfield
  • Make Matches Disappear – Video tutorial courtesy of Jay Sankey
  • Jay Sankey’s ‘Strike Three’ – Video Tutorial for the Coin guys among us.
  • How to Train Playing Cards to Attack –  one more Video Tutorial from Jay..
  • Simple Sandwich Card Trick Tutorial – a Video from 52Kards
  • 17 Easy Magic Tricks That Will Blow Your Kids Mind.. –  Video Tutorials
  • ‘Touch of Modern’ for the discriminating magician..
A New Magic Roadshow..

A New Magic Roadshow..

A new issue of the Magic Roadshow Journal of Magic has published. For those of you who don’t know, this ‘little’ newsletter is the largest free newsletter in all of magic. This issue is 28 pages and 10,000 words long. Here’s the table of content…

– FINDING EEYORE  – Propless mentalism by Mick Ayres
– Flipper Revisited  –  An Effect of Sorts
– Nick Trost’s Eight Card Brainwave Tutorial
– Eight Card Brainwave tutorial by Juan Fernando
– The Emperor’s New Sleight  –  Advice from Francis Menotti
– Candle To Ball  –  An Effect by Jeff Hobson
– FAIR PLAY –  A Card Effect by Paul Lelekis
– CHILDRENS MAGIC SHOWS  –   David John O Connor
– THE ENGAGING RING  –   David John O Connor
– Tricks Without Names   –  Werner Miller
– How to Learn Magic  – A  PDF  ( Freeware For the Young Magician )
– New book by Professor Solomon: “Lives of the Conjurers, Volume Two.”
– Brian Brushwood Live Video Q&A with Full Circle Magic
– Johnny Thompson  –  Live Q&A with Full Circle Magic
– Banachek  –  Live Video Q&A with Full Circle Magic
– Harry Anderson’s “Hello, Sucker!”  –  Original Showtime Telecast
– Ricky Jay Plays Poker  –  Video
– 121 Easy To Perform Magic Tricks.. Tutorials Ideal For New Magicians
– An Idea For Jay Sankey’s 3 Free Magic Gimmicks –  Gospel Magic Gaff
– Cardini Performing on the First TV Magic Show -1957
– 10 Things No One Tells You About Being A Magician  –  Article
– How to Book Restaurant Gigs –  Audio Interview
–  A Reminder –  Lu Brent’s Exclusive Card Mysteries   –   Free PDF for Roadshow Readers
– Reminder .. A  Flea Market for Magicians
– Blur –  A Great Little Resource
– Free eBooks For Subscribers….

You can read it at: